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progress steps:

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"Watching the news" 2023
"Hear that music " 2023

concept art

Gaming Characters and creatures design

"Skyside Assistance Service, SAS" 2023
"Cesar ended up in the wrong timeline"
"Arnold ended up in the wrong timeline"
" Boomba Shockwave, superhero"
" Chrystals are the new powersource" 2017

GAME                         DEVELOPMENT

artist, programmer, solo developer

Floria virtual garden

Floria is a mobile game app available on the Google Play Store that allows players to immerse themselves in a virtual world of flowers. From growing flowers from seeds to arranging stunning bouquets, players can tend to their own gardens and explore the expansive world of Floria on a treasure hunt for over 1000+ items.
Create custom greeting cards in game

Floria paradise islands

Original, previously non-existing minigames
​Floria Islands is an immersive game that lets you unleash your creativity by designing and decorating your own Paradise islands. With its visually appealing and relaxing atmosphere, the game provides a perfect getaway where you can gather resources, play exciting mini-games, manage resorts, and create unique food platters. 

Neonics intergallatic battle

"Neonics is an exciting intergalactic domination game that puts players in the driver's seat of defending their home planet from alien invasions. With the ability to build their own spaceship fleet and compete with the Robik AI for ship parts, players will engage in a thrilling two-player slingshot game that requires strategic planning. 

Poofi and Lolli journey to the moon

Bedtime app for children. 3D modeled characters.
Introducing a new mobile app designed to help children unwind at night and gently drift off to sleep.  This captivating game follows two friends on a magical journey to the Moon, accompanied by a group of delightful creatures.
Through innovative touch technology, children can send good night wishes to their  friends, parents and grandparents, while immersing themselves in a soothing world of wonder and relaxation at bedtime.

product design

True to form house 3D modeling
Graphic design
From concept to real-life art. Painted by hand in acrylic.

retouching and 




Floria Virtual Garden

Floria  Garden

                              Floria game

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