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 Latest Update:  September 10 2.1.123
Status: Live

The "Travel the World" feature is finally here!
This feature is designed for advanced players and may seem complicated to new players.
But, before you can begin your travels, you must complete the Treasure Hunt Event to unlock the Meadow Expansion.
Seek the Lion in the Meadow for clues. There is also a hint button if you feel you need more help. Once you complete the Quest, you will have to find Boarding Pass for the boat that will take you to a new place where you can have a chance to buy new decorations. Tickets are more likely to be found in the Red Cardinal's nest, as long as he has seeds in the bird-feeder. 
You will have 3 spins at the Wheel. That means you can buy the item 3 times if the price is right and you have enough tokens. The items will change every time you visit it, but you can get a hint by looking at the shipping crate - there are some really big items! There are 65 different items available for purchase.
After the Treasure Hunt, you can still tap on the Lion for surprises. He will ask you for a password. Visit the Post section on this website for a new password every day. If you type it correctly, you will get a daily decor gift, once per hour.


The summer is almost here, but you don't have to wait long for the beaches to open - Floria went all NAUTICAL! There are over 50 new nautical-themed items to collect!


Look for a message-in-the bottle and help out your neighbor. There are two places to collect rewards now, look for hints in-game. (I don't want to say more so as not to spoil the surprise).

The first person to post a picture with the lucky anchor will get a big prize of their own choosing!


The pebbles at the beach are simplified to reduce the lag in game. You can still write secret notes and wishes. Double-tap on them to read your notes or drag them to the beach tote to place them in the bouquets.


New MUSIC option is available. Double_tap the gramophone to play music from our website.


Minor update notes, latest version 2.118

The update is mostly for the new players, I have re-worked the tutorial. Hopefully it will be less confusing for new players. (I just gotta say, if you got past the old tutorial - you must be very intelligent!)

There is one minor fix - the depth (front or back option) has been changed, now the objects do not automatically jump  front or back depending on the position in the bouquet. Before, if you move the flower up, it goes behind other flowers. Now it will not. I found it frustrating myself when I tried to make a bouquet. 

Reminder again that there is a Members_only catalog that has few additional items. Just sign up with your email to access it.

Kuzya (that's what I call the pet) has a new flower for you!

Congratulations to Serega for winning our May contest!!!
Look for a new very special trophy!

Announcing a mini-contest : " Romantic Picnic at the beach". Some new items will be added to the Gift Boutique soon!

Thank you all for your wonderful creations, each one is so unique!

The reason why Update information is posted on the website and not within the game is the bad readability of the font in Floria. Currently, no solution is available to have the font resize properly on different devices.

The Egg Hunt!

Brand new Event in Floria - The Egg Hunt!
Look for the leaf or the grass patch, they are hiding everywhere!

Tap on them to see if they are hiding a surprise. If the number shown matches the "Egg hunt lucky number", you will get an egg.  You can change the number to your own lucky number (from 1 to 21) by tapping on the baby chick. If you don't see the chick in the garden, visit the new Picnic area.

In the Main garden, the egg will produce new tiny flowers. At the florist studio, you will get a 1 Florien reward and a sparkly gem.

Everywhere else, the basket will appear and you should drag the egg onto the basket to claim it. Once you visit the Picnic area again, you will be able to redeem the eggs for special Holiday gifts! During this event, everyone will not be getting the same gift every day, as before. If you see someone posting a picture with something you don't have yet, don't worry, you will get it at some point! There are about 40 gifts to find! 

Starting April 11th and until April 26, everyone will be able to get special daily rewards by visiting this website to check the daily keyword. Also, during those dates, everyone will be able to unlock the Pet again. By the way, he created a new flower! There will also be a new Egg trophy with a unique flower.

Those who requested custom eggs should type their unique code to receive their own one-of-a-kind egg. Instructions will be emailed soon.

There are new backgrounds, new seasonal flowers, new foliage and new music! A new addition to the flower storage - now you can use flower buds in your bouquets, I think they will add a nice touch to your compositions!

Special thanks to Onyx, MinKyung and Diana for their suggestions for this event!



Spring is here! Fresh new look for the garden!
A new area appeared where you can grow flowering trees. Water the sapling for 7 days and it will grow into a surprise tree! The trees are meant to be placed in the Meadow, where they look their best!
Small landscaping additions in the Meadow will make it easier to align the straight lines when designing patches.
Hint: cleaning up weeds and branches sometimes can be rewarding!

A big change in the flower storage: the flowers that you have grown and placed in the storage will last there forever! If it gets too crowded, double-tap on flowers to sell it for 1 token.

Tapping on the petals in the garden can also create tokens!
Catch falling petals in your Florist Studio and now they can be rotated, resized and deleted just like everything else. The curtains are now resizable too.
If you have a pet - he has grown something new!
There are also a few new plants waiting to be discovered!

Congratulations to MinKyung for winning February Contest! 


 Latest Update:  February 3rd   version 2.1.102

"Love is in the air in Floria!"

The first important part of the February update is - a NEW AREA!

The Forest Meadow is now available!

The meadow is 5 times bigger than your current garden.

Once you've purchased the Meadow, you will see a new pot in the garden when you use a trowel (spade). Just drag the plants onto it and they will be transported to the Meadow. In the meadow, you will still be able to cut the flowers to be placed in storage. Now you can even cut the big ornamental plants, such as palm trees. However, the flowering ornamental plants and exotic plants will lose their flowers in the Meadow.

There are new landscaping items available for purchase for those who would prefer to have a more sculpted garden look. 

To remove the landscaping item, double tap on it to sell it back at half price.

There will be unique monthly landscaping decorations added soon.



The second important part of the update - Valentine's day celebration is here! Of course, there is a new room with new items for you to add to the bouquets. But, to celebrate it in a special way, we've created a virtual Love Lock option in the effects menu.

Love Locks are very popular all over the world; sweethearts place them on bridges and monuments to symbolize their forever love. Google "love lock" to learn more about this new tradition. But, they have become a nuisance and they do get removed. 

 Now we will have an ethical virtual Love Tree ( Floria is all about flora, after-all) that will last forever and it can be visited anytime! (A tip: Have your loved one touch the screen once you've made your own love-lock and voila, the magic is created and the love lock is now real!)

 Customize your own love-lock, (try to stay in the brown area so it can be cut out), email the screenshot to and it will be added to the Love Lock Tree. 

 We are celebrating all types of love, not just romantic love. Best friends, children, parents, siblings...pets...plants? Everyone gets their own love symbol in Floria!


Update notes for more experienced players:


There is a big change in buttons in the Florist Studio. Tap the buttons on top to travel to storage rooms. The new stretch buttons now will stretch any object!


New blank note cards were added to the card selection and the typing/drawing options now perform a little bit better.


New music has replaced Christmas music. If you prefer to listen to calm music only, tap on the seashell in the garden and select the music key to play soft music on the loop.


If you have a pet: the little guy has grown its first plant! Once a month he will grow something new. (He worked and studied so hard in January to grow an air plant in February. Now he will be growing something else.)


If you have a  mystery cube, now you can get a flower from it. Try to figure out how, it's easy, really. From now on, all major holidays will have their own trophy that will show up on the date of the Holiday. So, on February 14th, make sure to visit Floria to get a new trophy.

Trophy flowers in the future will be unique and cannot be found in any other way!


The very first rock in the forest now produces gifts a little more often. Most rocks in the forest create little surprises now and then.


Congratulations to ONYX for winning our December competition! Again, it was so hard to choose the favorites! February’s theme will be around this quote “ The Rose speaks of love silently, in a language known only to the heart”.

Screen Shot 2022-01-29 at 6.17.27 PM.png

 Update:  December 12st    1.2.128 

"Happy Holidays!"

Dear Friends, Happy Holidays to each and every one of you!

My hopes are that in this update you will find a little cozy place
to celebrate and feel the spirit of the holidays.
There are Christmas trees, lights, new decorations and  backgrounds,
as well as new effects and new holiday flowers.
Starting December 18th, Santa will bring a different new gift every day!

On Christmas Day and New Year Eve there will be a special gift that can only be received once, yet you can keep it after the holidays!

1. Christmas cottage is a place where you can find all things Christmas!
To add an item to the bouquet table, drag it to the red basket and it will appear at your table. The same goes for vases.
Everything is free and you can remove any Christmas items from the table at any time - they won't disappear and you will always find them in the cottage again.

2. If you click on the red card and order cookies and milk for Santa every day, he may visit in the next hour or so. 
Every day he will bring a different gift!
You will also receive a random amount of Floriens, 8 Elixirs and a seasonal seed.

3. Holiday lights are a bit hard to handle at first ( it is so they don't interfere with other items too much). You can now have them
changing colors all the time!

4. New: You can now change the color of ALL items, but grown flowers will not "remember" their new color if you restart the game.
Double click on the "Ornament" color button to reset the color of the selected item.

5. If you think winter is not suiting for the flowers in the garden, click on the compass and select sunflower to have the summer look back.

6. Christmas music has few options: gramophone, or music key, will play different Holiday music on loop, while seashell will play your chosen melody on the loop.

7.  Tap on the clock to change the time of day for some backgrounds.

8. Click on snowflakes in the garden, there might be a free token!
Save up on tokens for future updates.

9. Congratulations to Maria for winning our November contest!
Always top-notch compositions from Maria!

10. Christmas lights and snow can be re-adjusted by using
the vase stretch buttons.

11. Christmas Eve and Christmas Day will have their own special event,
it won't take much of your time, but it will be special.

12. A bit of a warning: If you do change internal clock settings in order to get the gifts from Santa faster, 
the game will most likely crash and you will lose all your progress.


 Update:  November 8th 1.2.123(124)  

"Grateful and Thankful"

Although the Thanksgiving Holiday is not celebrated all over the world, we don't see a reason why we should miss out on the opportunity to give thanks for everything that is good in our lives. Those who are important to us should hear how thankful we are that they are there for us. Often, people wonder ( especially nowadays, when there is more isolation than ever) - does this person even think about me? Others may think -is it enough, what I do for the ones I love? 
Most of us simply think it is understood without words that we DO love those who are important to us...but what if we are wrong?
Give that person a few moments of blissful happiness by telling them
" I thank you for everything you do, I am grateful to you for being a part of my life!"
After all, imagine hearing these words yourself.
Maybe we should tell them. With Floria bouquet or not, let's do it!

Other (not so important after the message above) updates:

- New backgrounds and even a mini tropical vacation-setting while you arrange the bouquets. Tap on the white pebble to hear the sounds of the ocean.  Tap it again to turn it off.

-Petals now can be removed by double-tapping them.

- Map now has instant travel buttons and a new menu for easier access to the monthly competitions.

-Our new monthly competition theme is 
"Grateful and Thankful!" We would love to see touching messages added to your compositions!

-Congratulations to MinKyung for winning the October competition!
MinKyung, you are one of the true pioneers of Floria!

-Check out "Chat" page for polls and blogs from the developer, send us  your Christmas suggestions there:


 Update: OCTOBER 19 2021
                                         BOOOOOOOO!!!         Floria

Halloween decorations appeared in Floria! Check out new effects in the bouquet menu. Tapping on new effects buttons will activate the NIGHT time and bring out some spookies! Tap the button again if they are too scary for you, Muahahaha!!!
New backgrounds, a cauldron, and a new rose were added for a short time. These decorations will last until November 1st.

The Tutorials are now available in several languages. Please let us know if you see any mistakes; we used Google translate and it may not be 100 percent accurate.

If you experienced problems with the dandelions, it should be fixed now. Let us know if you still experience multiple dandelions.

Reading your notes on the beach got easier, just double-tap on your memory pebble.

Floria Paradise Islands release is slightly delayed, but you can preregister here: 


update : OCTOBER 2021
                                        Autumn inFloria

Holiday secret room is now Open!
Find a key or tap on the tin box to open this room.
Autumn room is filled with many new items 
that can be used  only during this holiday.
Tap on vases, branches, candles and flowers 
to purchase them for Tokens.
Items will be placed automatically on your arrangement table.
Some items, such as pumpkins, will also appear in the garden!

Tap on the "Ornament" color button to change colors of 
items purchased from this room. You can rotate and resize them 
just like any other items.
Click on Remove button to delete holiday items.
You can purchase them again from the Holiday room. 
These items will be available until December, when 
new Christmas Room will open up!


Falling leaves in the garden may reward you with a token!
Tap  on it to see if it is a lucky one.
Every 15 minutes you can create new leaves by tapping on red leaf on the bottom of the screen.

Help pebble will appear in some areas. 
It is there to help new players. For those who are already 
familiar with the game, tap on "x pebble to remove help permanently.


The beach area now has a delete button to remove stones,
in case if your game starts lagging in this area. 
You will get two new stones once a day when you visit the beach.
Tap on the stone to either create a secret note or
tap "delete" to remove them.
The sentimental purpose of these stones is to show and organize your life's memories in one beautiful spot.


Other minor updates:
1. Plants in the forest are easier to move around.

2. Game preformance settings were adjusted to reduce lag on older devices. However, it may cause the device temperature to rise. We will be monitoring this and if you do exprience your phone getting a lot hotter than usual while playing Floria, please report it to us and we will go back to the original settings.

3. Shadow option was adjusted to show less angle difference.

4. New blank card added for the Autumn. Look for it in the Card box. Resize this card  usng "Vase" sizing buttons to fit your text".

5. Fall leaves on the branch will be placed on your table if you tap them. Click "Remove" to delete them.

6. New fall flowers were added to seasonal flowers.

7.Whimsical red flower is an artist's imagination and it does not exsist in nature. ("Collibri firebird")

8. 3 new backdrops were added.

9. Autumn has arrived in the garden!




Floria Virtual Garden

Floria  Garden

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