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Easiest method to save your Bouquet composition is to take a screenshot. 

If you are unfamiliar how to save a screenshot, here are some tutorial videos 

Most of the time, you can hold the "Volume down" button and the "Power on/off" button to take a screenshot on your phone.

You can also take a picture within Floria app and send it to yourself either by email or your preferred messaging app. Depending on your device, look for an option to SAVE the picture.

Once it is saved to your device,
come back to our website,
visit POST section and click on "leave message..."
Click on little blue image icon           to
attach the picture from your device.

If all seems too complicated, click on "SHARE" icon
from the album in Floria app and email it to
and we will post it for you!

Screen Shot 2021-08-09 at 9.00.21 PM.jpg


Floria Virtual Garden

Floria  Garden

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